Smart Security Solutions

Public security is an essential part of good governance and has many facets of implementation.

The threats to public safety are manifold and have evolved from primarily criminal elements to rogue acts of terrorism. The latter poses more challenges for law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) because of the zealot and more covert nature of the perpetrators.

At R2V, we have the capacity of designing holistic Safe City projects and also propose enabling solutions. Our focus is on predictive, rather than reactive, technologies as it is through predictions that a criminal act can be prevented before the damage occurs.  R2V has partnered with global players, each with a successful track record in the specific domain and this model has helped us propose solutions that are devoid of any reliance on our own capabilities or business conveniences.

The focal areas of technologies are the abilities to remotely capture, and match, the biometric features of the suspects and enable the LEAs to timely intercept them. Among the technologies, we employ;

  • Facial biometrics
  • Voice biometrics
  • Body and Posture biometrics

Blending these with Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and other niche solutions,  the information is processed in real-time at data processing centers with customized algorithms for instant threat analysis,  and alert the response mechanism.

Security Solutions Presentation