application development

R2V has deep expertise in developing enterprise solutions using cutting-edge technologies. One of our specializations is developing GIS-based mobile, web, and desktop applications. We are also experts in developing modern cross-platform mobile applications for conducting complex surveys and analytical dashboards for monitoring them.


This is a Core GIS Management System specifically large, planned settlements and it  enables integrated planning, development, operations and resource management along with informed decision making.

The system is built using open source technologies. we have written our own server for visualizing spatial data. Various analytical dashboards are available  for different spheres of administration, like calculating cross section, 3D view using DEM data and CAD uploaders etc.

A comprehensive project managemenet tool along with mobile applications for conducting different types of surveys are also part of the project.


Naqshow is a GIS based web application for accessing online land record.

An optimized database has been created for storing almost 50 million parcels integrated with other databases like Larmis and PRC etc with secure transportation to a portal.

The system has been developed using commercial platform and is very robust and stable.


gRoamer™ is an exceptional technological tool for location based studies, situation analysis and field research. Tablets or smart phones running gRoamer™ software can record geo locations in seconds, take digital photos, conduct an interview, scan a CNIC or a barcode, rather than requiring the numbers to be entered by hand, and upload the data automatically using a cellular or Wi-Fi network.
Prviously handwritten instruments were used for the purpose and these were prone to error during the filling-in, at the stage of manual data entry into a digital format and during data cleanup.