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research studies
field surveys

Geographic Information System

We aggregate, organize, and display spatially referenced data and information throughout the whole development, integration, and analysis process.

Research Studies & Analysis

Research and analysis are both an art and a science for us. Our teams can conduct credible primary and secondary research based on the most recent scientific concepts.

Field Surveys & Assessments

We conduct surveys through observation, sketching, measurement, and interviews, and the data acquired enables us to comprehend the planet as a human habitat.

Smart Security Solutions

The spread of new technologies has helped make the world a safer place as a whole. We don't use reactive technologies; instead, we make and use preventive ones.


Established in 1998, R2V Services transformed into R2V (Private) Limited and evolved from a CAD conversion destination to a robust organization with expertise in various facets of;

  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  • Technology based Research Studies
  • Web-GIS and Mobile App Development
  • Technology based Security Solutions, primarily in Biometrics and Safe City
  • Data Conversion Services.

One of the pioneering Information Technology (IT) solution providers from Pakistan, R2V has served an ever-expanding list of clients from domestic and international markets, we have served clients from North America, Caribbean Islands, Europe and Asia, primary the Gulf States.

Our Valued Clients

“The application of GIS is limited only by the imagination of those who use it”