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Geographic Information System

GIS is a computer system capable of assembling, storing, manipulating, and displaying geographically referenced information

Social Studies & Analysis

Socio-economics is the study of the relationship between economic activity and social life

Field Surveys

We carry out surveys through observation, sketching, measurement, interviews and help in understanding the earth as abode of humankind


Geographical Information System (GIS)

R2V Services provides a wide range of Geographic Information System (GIS) products and services to public and private sector clients. R2V Services can help you in following realms of GIS – in the areas of system design and implementation, applications development, system integration, and custom programming.

Socio-Economic Studies and Impact Assessments

With the multitude of organizations (both in public and private sectors), working development and communities’ welfare, the outsourcing of socio-economic studies has the potential to increase the innovative capacities of these communities and organizations. This phenomenon can help in getting dispassionate analysis of the ground reality.

As Socio-Economic studies and Impact Assessments are typically undertaken with a geographic perspective, it seemed like a natural addition to services that our clients desired for us to provide and R2V has risen to the opportunity. It is our endeavor to provide human face to IT; with a social conscience and a development agenda. Among the services offered in this field, R2V has the capacity to undertake, studies and assessments in the filed of;


R2V Services has extensive experience in Computer Aided Design and drafting from paper drawings or conceptual sketches covering any engineering domain, We convert and/or upgrade the existing legacy hard-copy drawings into Digital format defined by customer centric standards and requirements. The company has in-house technicians and technical resources to provide any type of paper, raster and scanned image conversions to any industry standard CAD formats.

We offer precision, including to-scale, conversion for varied types of drawings including facility layout plans, topographical or contour maps and landscape drawings, flood maps, land parcel or cadastral surveys, geographic boundaries, watershed maps etc.

Conversion of P&IDs and Schematic drawings is something that a number of our international clients have tasked us to do. Another added feature is the conversion of 2D drawings into 3D perspectives including simulations and walk-through.

We have the right Infrastructure to handle GIS, Socio-economic Studies, and CAD related services. Our infrastructure also includes having our reps in different region of the world,, state of the art equipment and secure high-speed connectivity.


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