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Geographic Information System

GIS is a computer system capable of assembling, storing, manipulating, and displaying geographically referenced information

Social Studies & Analysis

Socio-economics is the study of the relationship between economic activity and social life

Field Surveys

We carry out surveys through observation, sketching, measurement, interviews and help in understanding the earth as abode of humankind

Parcel Mapping

Simply put, a parcel map is perhaps the most convenient resource available to determine the location and parcel identification features and attributes of a property. The utility of a parcel map is that it allows for easy identification of where a property is located relative to public ways and adjacent properties. For planners, assessors, and engineers it provides a construct to aid in the evaluation of proposed subdivision, compliance to local zoning, expansion of municipal utilities, and as a tool for managing the tax assessment process. So a "parcel map" cab also be defined as a legal mechanism to subdivide real property into smaller parcels.

An adequate parcel map should reflect size and shape of each individual parcel owned in a town. Many town officials (assessors, planners, engineers, and others) use parcel maps on a daily basis, that is why it is very important that parcel maps should show the most current and updated information. Development of computer technologies along with GIS created opportunities to conduct this work more efficiently. It is much easier to store, maintain and update a digital map than an analog paper map. Digital parcel mapping also simplifies the process of locating the information about any of the parcels and markedly reduces time necessary for making changes and printing new copies of the maps on paper. Digital maps can be connected to computer databases (such as a Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA)) that allow access to and maintenance of valid records including valuation, ownership, and description.

Digital parcel maps can be integrated into a more general geographic information system that will allow users to maintain and retrieve the record of zoning, land use, conservation easements etc. Due to increased efficiency of tax map management and the potential for valuable GIS applications, many organizations are transitioning from paper to a digital form of parcel mapping.

Parcel maps are needed to be developed at many levels of government and also by the private sector. Parcel maps help facilitate planning, design and construction of roads, public works, administration, zoning, building and infrastructure development. Parcel maps are also used for flood control, lake and stream erosion control. The governments administer and make policy through the creation of and maintenance of land records that are associated with a parcel of land. Thus the parcel is often the basic administrative unit of local government. The Khasara system in Pakistan is a case in point.

In the private sector, parcel maps are useful to land developers, housing colony developers, assessors, surveyors, engineers, attorneys, appraisers, and utility corporations. These can be used to index land records. The sectors listed above use these land records as a means to inventory land holdings.

The most common parcel maps found today are local government tax parcel maps. Tax maps are used for locating and describing properties that are linked to owners, and other assessment information.

Cadastral Mapping

Cadastral maps define the location, shape and size of a land parcel, within the context of a regional or national geodetic reference system. R2V Service provides the cadastral mapping solutions to wide range of clients both in public and private sectors. These solutions enable clients to access and assess the data in a land information system. Thus clients can keep track of land use patterns as well as that of land ownership. This is particularly useful for crop estimations, tax collections, planning, rehabilitation and land surveys.

R2V Services does have the requisite skills to deliver a successful parcel/cadastral mapping project. Our work force and technicians have proven exceptional functionality in the disciplines of parcel mapping. Numerous parcels are converted digitally in GIS system format. To create digital parcel maps from paper analogue maps, data has to be loaded in digital format and it has to be formatted in vectorized form. There are several ways to perform this conversion.

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